Michael Jefry Stevens

Combo Arrangements

These arrangements come directly from my working ensembles over my career.  These ensembles include The Fonda/Stevens Group, Conference Call, Eastern Boundary Quartet, Generations Quartet, Stevens – Siegel – Ferguson Trio, and many other musical configurations.  Most of them are recorded and linked on this website to either bandcamp, soundcloud or youtube.  The music ranges in difficulty from moderate to very advanced.

Combo prices range between $9.95 and $19.95.  All products include pdf parts and score.

DIFFICULT  This is a beautiful but very challenging piece of music with a long-form and very complicated harmony, a written contrapuntal bass line that serves as a counter melody, and many syncopated rhythmic hits for the ensemble. The blowing section uses polychords which resolve into major chords.  

DIFFICULT  This is also an extremely long form with a very complicated bass part.  This tune really swings, and the blowing changes are very simple, almost modal in nature.  The piece moves between latin and swing feels, but the blowing is pure burning swing.  Lots of fun to play.

MEDIUM  Featured on of the Fonda/Stevens Group’s CD’s  entitled “The Healing”.  The piece is built over a bass and rhythm section ostinato which begins the tune and is completely open, allowing the horns to solo right from the beginning. The blowing form is elongated but the changes are all built around ii-V-I’s.  .

DIFFICULT: . This composition is written in alternating 4/4 and 3/8 measures. It is very difficult to play and extremely challenging.

MODERATE: . This piece is a long form starting with an almost rubato introduction and moving into a 3/4 blowing section with pretty standard changes.

MEDIUM  Another long-form but not terribly complicated.  The blowing on the tune starts in D minor and then goes free.  This piece is easy to play and feels great.  This is more of a straight 1/8  note feel.

EASY: This piece consists of an extended melody and written out bass line. There is some harmonic structure on the bridge, but the blowing is completely "free" bop!EASY

DIFFICULT: This is an interesting composition. There are two very extended melodies answering each other. The blowing section is completely free.

MEDIUM: This ballad was recorded on the "Live From Brugge" Fonda/Stevens Group CD from around 1999. The changes are pretty straight ahead and move quite slowly. Very playable!!